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Hull is the place to be right now, with the City of Culture 2017 on the horizon and preparations being made for one of the largest regeneration improvement projects the city has ever seen. These amazing new plans will make the most of Hull's character and history, revealing a dynamic and world class mixed use business district, complete with cafes and exhibition space that further enhance the city as a visitor destination.

There has been huge investment in Hull as a place of business and as a cultural capital of the North. Hull has already seen the benefits and positive effects from the recent Humber Street Sesh and Freedom festivals. The neighbouring Fruit Market is undergoing a transformation as part of regeneration plans for the area. 

And that’s not all! Improvements to date have made a huge difference to the city. The development of Freedom Quays and revitalised marina area have both been steps towards a prosperous business future for Hull. And the best part…. all of this is happening right now, and it could be on your doorstep!

As a key Hull Bondholder Scheme member and 2017 City of Culture Bid Angel, The Deep and The Business Centre have been instrumental in pushing these projects forward and will continue to play a vital role in developing the city.

So if you are considering relocating to Hull, take a look at Your Life, ideal for families, or My Life, perfect for young professionals to get a better feel for this once forgotten city.